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How do I access and use FitnessGram?

1. The URL for FitnessGram is URL is

2. If you have forgotten your password:
--Bring up the logon screen
--Fill in the state (Washington)
--Select your school
--Enter your user name (usual NSDNet username)
--Click on the Forgot Password link.  The system will email the password to you.  If you do not get a password or "Could not find a matching user name" appears, contact the appropriate support person.

3. If you need support for FitnessGram:
Elementary PE Teachers should contact:  Stephanie Greany, x7714,
Jr High PE Teachers should contact:  Dianne Murray, x7712,

Users should contact the Help Desk only if they need help creating their FitnessGram extract in eSIS.  ALL OTHER SUPPORT QUESTIONS should be directed to Stephanie Greany or Dianne Murray.

4. If you no longer want to see Semester 1 classes, they can be inactivated by:
--Select My Classes
--Select the class from the list
--Click on Edit
--Click on Inactive and then Save Changes

5. In order to remain connected to the server while entering scores, Click on Save frequently or hit the Enter key after entering each student's scores.  Hitting Enter will perform a Save and take you back to the start of the score entry line.  You can use your Down Arrow key to get to the next line or click into the next line with your mouse.

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