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How do I forward my district phone to an outside number such as my cell phone?

You can set your classroom phone to forward to your cell phone or other outside line for those times that your class is on a field trip or other activity away from the classroom. To set that up:
1.   Push the Option button on your phone.
2.   Enter your voicemail password.
3,   With Call Handling selected, push the button just below Edit on the phone display.
4.   Use the rocker bar to the left of the phone display to select Custom and then select Edit.
5.   With 1. Always selected, select Edit.
6.   The extension displayed will be 6100 - the voicemail extension. Use the button below Back to erase 6100 and then use the phone buttons to type in 9 + your cell phone number or whatever number you want to have calls to your classroom phone forwarded to. The 9 is required to get an outside line for the forwarded call.
7.   Select OK.
8.   Select OK again.
9.   Use the rocker bar to set the call handling mode to Custom.
10. Select Done.
11. Depending on the phone model, all the buttons on the phone may turn red while the call mode is set to Custom. This is normal.
When you return from your field trip, use the Option key to set the call handling mode back to Standard. You can leave the Custom mode to forward to your cell phone or set it back to 6100 as it pleases you. If someone calls your classroom number from an in-district phone and calls are being forwarded to your cell, your cell number will display on the in-district phone.
If you teach in more than one classroom and would like forward calls from the extension assigned to you to the additional classrooms, kb #517 explains how to forward calls from one district extension to another.
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