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How do I back up photos from my iPad or iPhone to my NSD Google Drive account?

  1. Install the Google Photos app from the App Store.
  2. Open the Google Photos app
  3. You may be prompted with one or more of the following at certain points throughout this process:
    1. If it asks "Google Photos" Would Like to Access Your Photos, click "OK".
    2. If it asks "Google Photos" Would like to Send You Notifications, click "Allow
    3. If it asks "Google Photos" Wants to use "" to Sign In, click "Continue"
  4. Sign in to your [username] account
  5. Switch the "Back up & sync" toggle to the blue on position.
  6. If you are on an iPhone, make sure “Use cellular data to back up” is toggled off.
  7. On the next screen, choose “High Quality (free unlimited storage)” and "Continue".

Once you hit Continue, the back up & sync process begins (presuming you are on a Wi-Fi network or using cellular data). The more photos you have, the longer this automated process will take, so don't be worried if it takes a while to finish up.

For more details on Google Photos app, visit this Google Photos Help page.

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