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When I log in to Google Docs ( a screen requesting a verification phone number appears.

Google has changed some of their procedures, and occasionally staff may be presented with the following screen requesting verification information after logging in to Google Apps at

Click on the reveal triangle under Enter a phone number (where "Afghanistan" is displayed). Select United States from the drop down menu.

In the next field, enter a phone number that Google's autodialer can use to send you a verification code. The phone number can be a personal cell phone or your NSD (work) phone number. Choose a number you can respond to right away, as the call will happen immediately after you complete the requested information. In the Receive via: section, select the radio button next to an automated phone call. Click on the Continue button.

You will receive a phone call from Google with a verification code within a few seconds. Enter the verification code in the next screen and then click on the Continue button.

Your Google Drive page will now open and list your Google Docs.

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