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How do I connect to the file server?

There are multiple ways to connect to the district file server. You will probably want to try them in the order listed below.

MyServerFolder - File Server Login at school

MyServerFolder is an application installed on all district computers that provides a simple way to log into the file server. For students it shows up in the Dock. For staff, it is located in the Applications folder (but many staff also have the icon in their Dock). The icon for MyServerFolder is a cartoon Platypus (no, it doesn't mean anything).

When you log into your computer using your district credentials your server sharepoints will mount to the desktop automatically. It uses your computer login to connect you to the file server. If you are not logged into the computer with your district account, the application will fail. For most teachers, there will be one for your staff folder and one for your school office folder. If you work with a group with special sharing space, such as yearbook, you will see a link for that sharepoint as well. Central office staff will see a link to the central office sharepoint. The sharepoints appear as disk icons on your desktop with the sharepoint name below it.


The link to your staff folder will have your NSDNet username below it. The link to your school Office folder will be "Schools$" and will contain links to all school offices. This not only allows you to access the shared office space for any school where you work, but also to access public shared spaces for staff at other schools so they can share out files to anyone in the district. - Login from anywhere!

Webfile is a web-based service that allows you to connect to your file server folders from anywhere on the Internet. The connection is encrypted so your password and file contents are all protected while traveling across public Internet connections. Students can use this service to get at files started at school or to drop files in a class Dropbox folder. Staff can use it to transfer files to work from a home computer or retrieve a file from the file server to work on at home. Open any web browser, such as Safari or Firefox, and enter the URL and then log in with your district username and password to connect to your file server folders. 

When you first log in, you will see a number of folders on the left. The list will include the folders in your Staff folder (Desktop, Documents, Classes, Public, Temporary) as well as any other sharepoints to which you have access, which generally includes Schools (for your school office folder). Click on a folder to see the files and folders inside of it. To work with a file you will select the file and download it to your computer. Once you have edited it, you will then need to upload it to the file server again, overwriting the old copy that is still there. Be sure to leave the window open long enough for the upload to complete or you may lose your file!

NOTE: If you are using a computer as a "guest" or one that someone else has logged into, you can use Webfile on that computer to get at your shared files as well - MyServerFolder won't work in those two cases.



Please be aware that files in Google Docs (Google Drive, Google Apps) are NOT part of our file server. You cannot get to them with MyServerFolder or Webfile. They are not backed up on the district network, either. Please see KB article 601 for information on using Google Docs with your district account.

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