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How long will I have access to my district email after I am no longer a district employee?

District email accounts are provided only for staff under current contract with Northshore School District (or reasonably expected to be under contract again next fall). If you are retiring, resigning, or otherwise ending employment with the district, your district account will be closed at the end of your current contract with the district. If you are leaving at the end of a school year, this will be July 1st.

The email and files currently in your district account will be archived for one year, in the event that you return to work for the district within that year. After that they are permanently deleted, although the district maintains an archive of every email sent to or from district accounts to meet legal requirements for retention of public information.

If you have personal email messages in your District account, you should forward those to a personal email account before you lose access to your District account, as they may not be retained by the District.

Please DO NOT use email to send files, photos, or videos to your personal email address. This uses numerous district resources, creates permanent records in the district mail archives, and therefore would be a violation of the Responsible Use Policy. If you want to save personal files, please use one of the following methods:

  • Use a personal USB drive to save the files for your use;
  • Save the files to a personal Google, Dropbox, or other online account that you can access from home; or
  • Save the files to your District Google Drive and access that from your home computer (please erase the files in Google when you are done transferring them).


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