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I don’t see the staff tab on the NSD home page. I can’t open Site Manager to edit my web page.

To access all the features available to staff and students on the district SchoolWires home page (, you need to sign in to SchoolWires with your district credentials.

The Sign In button is in the upper right corner of the window, just above the links for Bus Information and to Contact Us.

Click on the Sign In button and then use your district credentials to sign in to SchoolWires (the same User Name and Password you use to log in to your computer or email).


Resources such as the Staff tab and Site Manager will now display. The resources you see are linked to your district credentials and will vary depending on your district role within SchoolWires.

Before Sign In: 


After Sign In:


Be sure to sign out of SchoolWires after editing web pages so that if your computer is unattended, others are not able to access Site Manager features. To sign out of SchoolWires, click on the triangle next to My Account in the upper right corner of the window and then select SIGN OUT from the drop down menu.

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