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How administrative staff can connect to the "old" SIS, eSIS, to view historical student data

Some campus and central office administrative staff have been provided with log in information to view historical student data in the old student information system (sis), eSIS. Other staff can view student data in Synergy at, and will have access to student data appropriate for their role with the district. 

If you have been notified that you have access to view historical data in eSIS, you will connect to that service with the following steps:

1. In your Applications folder, open the application Remote Desktop Connection (the same application you open to access BiTech or InTouch).

2. In the server field, type ts1 or is also acceptable. Click the Connect button.


3. Click Connect in the next window. 


4. At the log in window that appears, type in your district username and password (the same ones you use for email and to log in to your computer). Leave the third field, AD, as is. 


5. Click on the eSIS desktop shortcut near the left side of the window.


6. An Internet Explorer window will open. Click on the Tools tab near the upper right corner of the window. Select Pop-up Blocker and then Turn Off Pop-up Blocker from the pop up menus. If the pop-up blocker is on, reports will not run correctly within eSIS.


7. Click on the yellow alert message. Be careful not to close the message by clicking on the x in the upper right corner. 

8. In the pop up window, select Run Add-on.


9. Click on Run in the next two windows. 



10. In the next window, click the checkbox next to Always trust content from this publisher and then click on Run.


11. The eSIS login screen will appear. Log in with the credentials provided to you by the Technology Department. 


You will only need to perform the actions in steps 6-10 the first time you use this method to access historical data in eSIS. After that, clicking on the eSIS desktop shortcut will open Internet Explorer and take you directly to the eSIS log in screen. 

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