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How do I use a Chromebook for state testing?

For SBAC and ELPA21 on Chromebooks

March 2019: Chromebooks must be on Chrome OS 67, 68, 69, 70, or 71 for ELPA21 and SBAC. If you are having problems using the testing app, check the Chrome OS version and update using these instructions.

  1. Turn on the Chromebook.
  2. Don't log in yet!!!
  3. At the login screen, click on the Apps menu in the lower left corner of the screen.
  4. Click AIRSecureTest

  5. Below "Please Select Your State:" choose Washington.
  6. Below "Choose Your Assessment Program:" choose Washington Comprehensive Assessment Program.
  7. Click OK. This will take you to the test login page. State testing requires the AIRSecureTest app to be on v5.0. The AIRSecureTest kiosk app will automatically update to v5.0 when Chromebooks check in to the server. The version is listed on the Sign In screen just below the "Sign In" button. It should read "Browser: Secure v5."
  8. If you choose the wrong state, move the mouse to the lower right corner of the screen and a checkerboard icon will appear. Click the checkerboard icon and choose Washington State.

To access the Practice and Training Test Site...
Follow the steps above. Once on the test login page (after Step 7), below the sign in screen click on "Click here to go to the Practice and Training Test Site." You can leave the boxes checked on the training sign in page to run the test in guest mode. 

If you don't see the AIRSecureTest app...
If you do not see this app on the Chromebook login screen, please open a Web Help Desk ticket and use Request Type "05 Chromebooks - z. Other Chromebook Issue." In the Request Details please include the barcode number(s) of the Chromebooks that don't have the app and the Technology Department will troubleshoot the issue. Thank you.

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