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How can I make my MacBook Air mirroring settings hold after restarting?

  1. To make mirroring settings hold through a logout or shutdown, the display settings must be set to optimize for the projector, rather than the built in display of your computer. This option is found in system preferences within the Displays menu.

  2. Once there, with your dongle connected, you will be able to go to the Arrangement tab and check the box to mirror your displays.

  3. Now that your displays have been mirrored, two menus will be on your screen, allowing you to adjust the settings of your displays. The option we want to focus on is what display the settings are optimized for.

  4. By default, the screen is set to optimize for the built in display of your computer. To keep the settings of mirroring displays, we need to set it to optimize for the projector. That option could be titled “Display” or “Epson PJ”, we just want to be sure it is set to optimize for the option other than “Built In Display”

  5. Once that option is selected, your computer will optimize for what you have connected to it, rather than its built in display. Mirroring and resolution settings will now hold through unplugging, logging out, and shutting down.
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