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How do I back up Proloquo2Go files that are on my iPad?

Backing up Files from Proloquo2Go

Part 1: Prepare the backup file on your iPad

  1. Open the Proloquo2Go on the iPad
  2. Go to "Options" (this is the little gear button the right-hand side of the lower tool bar)
  3. Choose "Backup"
  4. Choose "Export Backups"
  5. Choose the file you want to export.
  6. Choose "Export to iTunes"
  7. A window will pop up indicating that the file was successfully exported to iTunes.

Part 2: Getting the backup file onto your computer

Do not sync device with your computer. Please complete the following steps to download the file on to your computer without syncing the iPad.

  1. On your computer, open iTunes.
  2. On the top iTunes toolbar, select iTunes, then "Preferences".
  3. Choose the Devices icon on the top toolbar within preferences.
  4. Check the box next to "Prevent all….from syncing."
  5. Close the preferences window.
  6. Now you can plug the iPad into your computer.
  7. iPhoto may open automatically depending on your preferences. Quit iPhoto.
  8. In iTunes, be sure that you do not choose "sync."
  9. Click on the "iPad" button in the upper left corner of the iTunes window.
  10. Then choose "Apps" in the left had vertical settings tool bar. If 'apps' is not there, make sure to click on the device barcode number in left column.
  11. Use scroll bar on the right-hand side to scroll down to "File Sharing."
  12. Under "File Sharing" is the "Apps" section. All apps (e.g., Proloquo2Go) should be there. Choose the app you want to back up. If you have a lot of other apps, you may have to scroll down within this window to reach Proloquo2Go.
  13. In right-hand column is "Proloquo2Go HD Documents". Click on the file you want to backup. a. You can now either just drag and drop the app onto your computer desktop (or choose 'save to'. You will now be prompted to choose the location where you would like to save the document. To save it choose 'open'.)
  14. It is recommended (but not required) that you create a folder on your desktop specifically to house student app backup files.

Part 3: Mailing and Receiving Programming Between Therapists

Mailing the backup file to another staff member

  1. Backup files can be too large for email and should be sent using the district's MailFile service.
  2. In a web browser, go to and login with your district email address and password. From this service you can enter email addresses and securely send the student app backup file to another therapist in district.
  3. For more information on using MailFile, please visit the following KB article:

Receiving programming and putting it back on an iPad

These steps will work for backup files that have been sent to you from another staff member, or with files you backed up in the spring for students you will be serving again in the fall. You will need to coordinate with any the other person who is programming, as any new programming you add via a backup will not merge with any previous programming.

On your Computer:

  1. If a file is sent to you, save it to your computer.
  2. Plug the iPad to your computer (make sure that you have previously followed steps 1-4 in Part 2 in iTunes).
  3. Ensure that iTunes is open.
  4. If iTunes asks to trust the iPad, this is ok. Go ahead and select "Trust" on the iPad and/or computer. Just be sure that you do not click anything that says "Sync iPad."
  5. The iPad that's plugged in will pop up in iTunes on your computer screen.
  6. Along the top toolbar, you will see 'apps'. Choose this to get a list of apps on the device.
  7. Scroll all the way down to the bottom. You will see a section entitled 'File Sharing', and below a list of apps. Choose 'Proloquo2Go'.
  8. Choose the button 'Add'.
  9. Find file wherever you saved it on your computer, choose it, then press 'add'.

On your iPad:

      10. Now to onto the iPad and open Proloquo2Go on the iPad. Choose the gear tool in the bottom right-hand bar to get into 'options'. If the gear tool is not lit up, then it means it has been hidden. To get into 'options' do the following.
      1. Close out Proloquo2Go.
      2. Go into the iPad 'Settings'.
      3. Scroll down to bottom of left-hand tool bar.
      4. Choose 'Prolquo2Go'
      5. Pull over toggle to 'show options button'.
      6. Now go back into Proloquo2Go and the options button will be accessible.
      11. Once in 'options', go to 'backup',


      12. Then go to 'import backup' and choose file you want to import.


      13. When it asks you if you want to 'restore from backup', choose 'yes'.

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