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What happens to technology equipment such as my computer during a Leave of Absence (LOA)? How do I prepare for a LOA?

When an NSD employee takes a Leave of Absence, the process is the same as when leaving the District. The  Employee Entrance/Exit Checklist, Board Policy 9320F, lists the assigned assets that must be turned in when an employee leaves the district or takes a Leave of Absence.

The employee's computer should be left on campus (or at their assigned location) for use by their long term substitute. There is a small supply of computers available from each campus office manager for use by short term substitutes that are issued as needed for a few days. Those computers are not for use by long term subs. 

There are several ways to make instructional files and folders available to your long term sub before you start your Leave of Absence:

1. Copy files/folders to the Shared folder on your computer. The shared folder is at the same directory level as your userspace. Files/folders in the Shared userspace are available to anyone who logs in to the computer. 

2. Create a folder in your staff server Documents folder and copy files/folders for your long term sub into the newly created folder. Your server shares are automatically connected when you login to your computer.



3. If you will be able to meet with the sub before your Leave of Absence starts, copy instructional files/folders to a flash (thumb) drive or other external drive. Have the sub login to the computer as themselves and then copy the files/folders from the external drive to the computer. If the sub does not yet have login credentials, copy the files/folders to the Shared folder on the computer and they can access them as soon as they have district credentials and can login to the computer. 

Your office manager will fill out an online form that creates a ticket for the Tech department to create accounts and allow access to server shares, Synergy, and other services for the sub as appropriate to the position. If you save the files/folders to the server, please let your Office Manager know the name of the folder and where it is saved. They can add a note to the ticket so that the NSD server team can allow the long term sub access to the folder. 

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