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How do I transfer a call on my phone?

To transfer a call on your Shoretel phone:

  1. Press the Transfer button (right-side of phone).
  2. Enter the extension to which to transfer. (You can also use the Directory to search for a phone or enter an outside phone number.)
  3. You will have three options in the soft buttons at the bottom of the screen on your handset:
  • Transfer - Press this to transfer the call immediately (hanging up does this by default).
  • Conslt - Press this to "consult" with the person to whom you are transferring the call. Once you press that, you will get "OK" to complete the transfer or "Cancel" to revoke it. Hanging up will select "OK" by default.
  • More¬† - Press "More" to see more options, including "To MB" which will transfer the call directly to the other phone's voicemail mailbox.


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