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I use a district Windows computer for work. Where should I save my files?

Staff with Windows computers should be saving all their files to server shares. Server shares display as drives with labels such as R:, H: or S:. If a local (C:) drive on a windows computer crashes, there is no backup of any files saved to that drive and it will not be possible to restore them.

On a windows computer, the server shares you have access to will be available as soon as you have logged in to the computer using your district credentials.

To access the server share, click on the Windows Start button (  ) in the lower left corner of your screen, and then select Computer from the pop up menu. 

All drives, including Network Locations (server shares you have access to) will appear. The shares listed will vary depending on the access permissions for your district user account. 

 Click on one of the shares listed in the Network Location section.  The files and folders within the selected share point will be listed. 


District work should always be saved to a server folder share point.

To choose the save location for a file, you may need to navigate to a specific share point and folder.  While in a save dialogue window, use the sidebar to navigate to the share point and folder where you want to save your file. To move a level or levels "up" you can click on the folder name listed in the path shown near the top of the window to go directly to that folder. Many staff save routinely save to a folder within the R: drive, and if you are doing that please continue to do so. If you save files/folders to the H: drive, be sure to save them to your Documents folder (H:\Documents).  

Type the file name in at the bottom of the screen and then click on the Save button.

District servers are only available when connected to the district network. When offsite, servers can be accessed using a web-based interface at Instructions for using webfile can be found in KB #64


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