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I’m changing schools. How does my district website get moved to my new campus?

If you are a teacher that will be transferring to a different campus, there are several steps that will happen to move your website to your new assignment.  The receiving school, the receiving school's Webmaster, the previous school's Webmaster, and the Communications department will work together to move your website. 

  • The receiving school creates a ticket at to request that your website be moved to your new campus.
  • Communications will move the teacher website and assign editing rights for the site.
  • The receiving school's Webmaster will add you to the school's Staff Directory on their campus website.
  • The previous school's Webmaster will remove the staff member from their Staff Directory on their campus website. 

Webmaster's have received training to update their campus website Staff Directory and assign the correct website editing rights for each staff webpage. 

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