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Is there an education discount for paid iPad apps?

Apple's Volume Purchase Plan (VPP) allows us to purchase app licenses in bulk and distribute them to district owned devices. The following steps show how you can check to see if: (1) there is a volume discount when 20 or more licenses are purchased, and (2) whether the app is "Device Assignable." On student/shared devices, apps are required to be "Device Assignable" in order for us to push them out to district owned student iPads. Staff iPads do not require apps to be device assignable.

  1. Go to the VPP Education Store:

  2. Search for your app (i.e. Notability) and click Search. Select the app in the list below.

  3. See the cost of the app. Some apps offer discounts for 20 or more licenses of the app. Some do not. The app developer determines whether to offer a bulk discount or not. Sales tax will be added to app purchases.

  4. Scroll down to the app description. On the left side of the screen, confirm that the app is "Device-Assignable."

For all district owned student device (i.e. carts of shared iPads, classroom sets of iPads, etc), apps must be "Device Assignable" for us to push the app to the device. "Device Assignable" is not required for one-to-one staff iPads where Apple ID's are being used.

NOTE: It is up to the app developer whether to... 

  1. Allow their app to be "Device Assignable" or not.
  2. Offer a discount or not.
  3. Change the price of their app. Prices can change at any time.

How To Request An App For An iPad

Once you check that an app is in Apple's VPP for Education store and that it is "Device Assignable," then please open a Web Help Desk ticket and include the name of the app, developer name, link to the app, cost, and barcode number(s) of devices (or cart name) that need the app. For paid apps, please include a budget number.

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