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I installed Mail Files Liquid Files from Self Service. What do I enter as the server name? How do I use LiquidFile?

LiquidFiles works in conjunction with It provides a user friendly interface that allows staff to email files that are too large to send as an email attachment and/or too large to send directly via 

After installing Mail Files Liquid File (available in Self Service in your Applications folder), it will appear in your Applications folder as LiquidFiles. The first time you open LiquidFiles, there is a little configuration to do. You will only need to do this the first time you open LiquidFiles. 

Click on OK on the next screen. 

The main LiquidFiles screen will appear.


Enter the email address(es) in the To:, Cc:, Bcc:, and Subject: fields. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma. Enter your message in the field just below Subject:. 


Drag and drop files to the Attached Files section of the window, or use the Add Files button to select files to attach. Click on the Send button to send your email with links to download the attached files. 

TIP: LiquidFile allows you to attach files, but not folders. If you need to send multiple files; while in Finder, create a folder and copy or move the files you want to attach into the folder. Control(right)-click on the folder and select Compress from the pop up menu, or select File --> Compress from the menu bar. A single compressed file will be created from the folder. You can then add the single compressed file to the Attached Files section of the LiquidFile window and avoid having to attach multiple files. 


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