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What is the NSD Responsible Use Procedure? How does it pertain to Facebook and other Social Media?

(Following are excerpts from a letter distributed to all NSD staff on 3/22/16 by NSD Superintendent, Larry Francois. A link to the the Responsible Use Procedure is at the end of this KB article.)

"At the beginning of each school year, all staff with technology access must review, sign and abide by the Responsible Use Procedures as a condition of access to and use of district technology.

Social media remains a complex and evolving field that is increasingly ubiquitous in all aspects of life, frequently blurring the lines between personal and professional use. Social media is increasingly used by the District as a communication and engagement vehicle, and instructional applications are increasing as well.

The District's definition of Technology encompasses "Social media, web-based or Internet tools such as blogs, wikis, social networks, podcasts or other Internet tools."

"All use of the network must be consistent with efforts to enhance learning, support education and research consistent with the mission of the District and to provide support for district operations."

The District's definition of a digital citizen includes one who "Understands human, cultural and societal issues related to technology and practices legal and ethical behavior."

"District staff must maintain confidentiality of student data in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)."

"Staff using web-based tools shall be aware of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies for those systems."

"When participating in blogs, wikis, bulletin boards, social networking sites and groups, and the creation of content for podcasts, e-mail and web pages that support educational research, users will create online names that are appropriate and use appropriate language/content in all online posts."

"System logins and accounts are to be used only by the authorized owner of the account authorized district purposes. Students and staff are responsible for all activity on their account, must not share their account password, must not use the account of other users, and must exercise responsible password management. "

"The District holds staff and students, using these tools [social media and web-based tools] to the same responsible use, terms of agreement, standards and expectations and must follow all established Internet safety guidelines."

"Employees are prohibited from inappropriate online socializing with students or from engaging in any conduct on social networking Web sites that violates the law, district policies, or other generally recognized professional standards."

"Private communication published on the Internet can easily become public; social media sites can change their current default privacy settings and other functions. As a result, employees have an individualized responsibility to understand the rules of the social media site being utilized."

"The posting or disclosure of personally identifiable student information or confidential information via personal social media sites, in violation of theses guidelines is prohibited."

An example of an unacceptable use includes "Posing as someone else when online."

These points are certainly not all inclusive of the District's Responsible Use Procedures. I encourage all staff members to review and refresh your familiarity with the complete Responsible Use procedures (2022P).

Modern technology provides a rich and growing set of tools and environments for the exchange of information, dialogue, collaboration and engagement. Used in a appropriate and civil manner, these tools and environments present tremendous opportunities to further our mission as a school system. I ask that all staff remain vigilant and diligent about both the opportunities of our growing technology capabilities and the associated responsibilities of utilizing District technology systems wisely and appropriately. 

View and/or download the Responsible Use Policy (2022P)

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