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MS Office 2016 shows a pop up window with "What’s New in Word", is requesting an email sign in, or Office icons are missing from the dock

When opening Macintosh Office 2016 for the first time a What's New in Word window for each application you open (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint) appears and may request an email login. You will need to follow these instructions once for each application, then the splash screen will no longer appear.


1. Open an Office 2016 application. (Word is used for this example.)

2. Click on the Get Started button in the first window.


3. A Sign in to Access Cloud Storage window will appear. Click on Skip sign in > at the bottom of the window.




4.  The You're All Set window will appear. Click on Start Using Word. Word will open.



If the icons for Word, PowerPoint and/or Excel are missing from the dock after installing Office 2016, you can easily add them. Open the Applications folder and navigate to the MS Office application you would like to add to the dock. Click on the application you'd like to add to select it.



Click and drag the application icon to the dock.



More information about customizing the dock is in KB #96.



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