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How do I install and set up Reflector 2 on my Mac?

  1. On your Mac, launch Self Service and log in with your district username and password.

  2. Using the search window in the upper right corner, search for "Reflector." When you see the search result for Reflector Version 2.6.0, click the Install button and follow the instructions.

  3. Once Reflector is installed, go to Applications -> Reflector 2 and launch Reflector 2. If you get prompted for Auto Updates, please choose "Don't Check."
  4. In the upper left corner menu bar, click on Reflector 2 -> Preferences.

  5. On the General tab, change the “Broadcast Name” to your computer’s barcode number (example E00001 or 68000).

  6. Click on the Connection tab. Change the “Default Scale” to Fill Screen.and below "On Connection" place a checkmark next to Display Fullscreen.

  7. Set the "Show Frame" option to None

  8. You can also adjust the AirPlay Resolution to your preferred resolution (1080p is recommended).

See this KB article to learn how to use Reflector 2.

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