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What do I do when I retire or leave the district?

When an NSD employee leaves the district, please follow the  Employee Entrance/Exit Checklist, Board Policy 9320F.

Access by staff to district accounts is not allowed after the last day of work under contract with the district per the district's Responsible Use Procedure, Board Policy 2022p; and according to their contract with the district. Since many staff work with student information, it could even be a federal issue if staff access district accounts when they are no longer an employee.

Staff wishing to keep files, emails, chats, or other materials from their work with the district should copy those items to a personal external or flash drive  or upload them to a personal Google Drive account before their last contracted district work day. Keep in mind that nothing can be copied that has sensitive student information or privileged district information. Emails can be forward to a personal email account, or saved as a pdf and copied to an external or flash drive as long as there is no sensitive student or privileged NSD information in the email.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I save email to take with me because I am leaving the district? I want to transfer personal email to my home computer. KB Article 718

How long will I have access to my district email after I am no longer a district employee? KB Article 640

How do I connect to the file server to transfer my files to a personal device or account? KB Article 64

I’m leaving the district. How do I export email addresses from my address book/contacts list in Outlook to import to a non-district computer?  KB Article 642

How do I copy files to an external or flash drive? See Apple's Support article here.

When staff or students leave the district, can they take their district Google Drive files with them?  KB Article 677

What do I do with my district equipment and district items?

Return these items to your Office Manager:
District keys, Electronic key card, badge, cell phone, and district purchasing card.

Return technology equipment to your Office Manager or Administrator during your Exit Interview:
Laptop > Computer, bag, dongle(s), power adapter and extension, duckhead 
Desktop > Desktop Computer, keyboard, mouse, powercord, & dongle(s)
Chromebook > Chromebook, bag & power adapter
iPad > iPad and case
Other district owned technology devices


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