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How do I update my Mac to Office 2016?

Currently Technology supports two versions of Microsoft Office - 2011 and 2016.  As of December 31, the Technology Department will no longer support Office 2011.

What does this mean for you?

If you haven’t updated to Office 2016, plan to run this update from Self Service at a time of your preference.  This software update will be optional through Fall 2018, then all staff will be expected to complete the update by December 31, 2018.  In January 2019, Office 2011 will automatically be replaced by Office 2016 on any remaining computers that have not received the update.  

How do I update my Mac to Office 2016?

1.  Your computer must be on the district network to run this update.

2.  Save all documents and quit Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

3.  Plan to be without your computer for 10-20 minutes.

4.  Launch Self Service, and SELECT “Microsoft Office 2016 Suite” from the list on the right.  
(KB Article 555 - How do I use Self Service to install applications on my Mac?)

5.  Click Install.

6.  The update is complete when you see new Office application icons in your dock. If you are missing Office 2016 application icons from your dock, you can drag the Office application from the Applications folder to the dock.

7.  When you open Office 2016 for the first time you will need to navigate through the "What's New" pop-ups.  Choose "Skip sign in" when prompted to sign in to access cloud storage.
(See KB Article 702 for more information).

Receiving prompts from Office to update after you’ve moved to Office 2016?

Follow the directions in this KB 719,  How do I remove the Microsoft Office Update reminder notice?

Unsure what version of Office is on your Mac?

1.  Open Word.

2.  Click Word in the menu bar and select “About Word.”

3.  If the information in the pop up window displays “Microsoft Word for Mac 2011,” this means you should update!  If it displays “Version 15.35” or higher then your device has already been updated to Office 2016.

Resources to support your transition:

Hoonuit Training Series: Office 2016 for Mac Upgrade Resources -  Curated resources to support the transition from Office 2011 to 2016, highlighting some of the biggest changes and features of Office 2016.

Your Building STS - STSs have completed the upgrade to Office 2016 and can support you with the update process as well as any questions you may have about using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint 2016.


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