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Information about the Northshore School District Webfilter

The Northshore School District uses the Fortinet web filter. Fortinet provides a reliable responsive Internet experience for district staff and students, with filtering supportive of both instructional and business use and is minimally intrusive.

What does this mean for you?

Fortinet manages filtering by categorizing websites according to content, such as “Advertising” or “Banking”. Overriding a blocked website allows access to other sites in the same category for a set period of time. Credentials may need to be entered more than once during the day to access categories that have not yet been unblocked.

If you attempt to connect to a restricted website, there are several different Fortinet screens that may be displayed. All will have the Fortinet graphic at the top of the page.


Warning Page

Some blocked sites will present a Warning Page if they include content that should be previewed and may not be appropriate for students. This page may appear when attempting to access specific website categories such as streaming media or banking websites. The Warning Page will include information you should read before continuing to the website. 

If you click on the Continue On To Site button, the website will load and you will not see the warning for that page or other sites in the same category for two weeks. Warning Pages do not require a log in to continue to the website.


NSD Web Filter: Authentication Required

Some categories will require a login to authenticate to the webfilter. This page will appear primarily when students try to access a site that contains content that might not be appropriate for them. If access to the content is necessary for instructional purposes a teacher, librarian, or other district staff will need to use their district credentials to authenticate and allow the student to access the website. As with a Warning page, authentication opens access to all web sites in that category for a set period of time.

Click on the Go to Authenticate Page button. In the next screen, a staff member will need to type in their district credentials to access the website.

Web Page Blocked!

A website blocked by Fortinet will display a "Web Page Blocked!" screen. Staff will need to authenticate with their district username and password. Authentication changes the webfilter access to a new filter profile with fewer restrictions. There are very few categories that are blocked, so the majority of staff should rarely encounter a block page.

Click on the Override button and then enter your district credentials in the next screen to access the blocked website.

NOTE: If you have trouble accessing a blocked website, create a ticket at and attach a screenshot of the Web Page Blocked! screen (on a Mac, use command-shift-4 and then drag-select to take a screenshot that saves to your desktop). This will provide the Technology network team the information they need for troubleshooting.

To request that a website be unblocked for all staff and students for instructional use, click the "use this form" link. Technology staff will review and respond to your request.

Mobile Devices

A Fortinet screen may appear when a browser is opened on mobile devices such as a district Chromebook or iPad. Log in with your district credentials. This screen logs the device in to the web filter system, but it does not unblock websites. Warning, Authentication, and Blocked website screens may still appear and require authentication to connect to a website.


Questions about Fortinet and web filtering should be directed to Jon Wiederspan in Technology.


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