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How do I set up my NSD email on my iPhone or Android phone?

While the Outlook webpage can be reached from any device with a web browser, there are many apps available on mobile devices that can allow users to view and manage their email.

For District-Owned Devices


Your district-owned device will connect to Outlook via the native Mail and Calendar app. You do not need to install the Outlook app, although you may choose to do so. See KB Article 733 for details.


While Android device manufacturers provide a number of generic email applications, for the sake of standardizing user experience, the supported method for accessing Outlook email on a district-owned Android device will be via the Outlook app. This is available for download in the Play Store . See KB Article 734 for details.

For Personal Devices

The app you choose to utilize to access your email is a highly personal choice. Microsoft provides an Outlook app for mobile operating systems. They provide extensive setup instructions and links to the apps in their support pages. They also provide instructions on how to integrate your NSD email into your existing applications. Please note that although you are using Outlook, you will choose the “Exchange” option when connecting your NSD account to an email app. See KB Article 734 for details.  A few tips for success:

  • Enter your full email address when setting up your account.
  • Use your standard district password. 
  • The amount of time it takes your account to sync to your device will depend on the size of your account.  Allow time for your account to sync!

Your shared calendars will show as calendars in the Outlook mobile apps. If you are using an app other Outlook and correctly connected to it via Exchange, your shared calendars should also show within your account’s calendar list.

"Service Level Agreement: Technology staff will provide support for the basic setup and configuration instructions. Additional resources will be documented for users in this Knowledge Base article. If requests are submitted for advanced troubleshooting, users will be directed to contact their building STS or Instructional Technology Coordinator for support."

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