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How do I set up the Outlook mobile app with my district email on my phone?

Below are instructions on how to set up the Outlook mobile app on your personal iPhone or Android phone. If you would rather use the native iPhone Mail and Calendar app instead of the Outlook app, please see KB Article 737. 

"Service Level Agreement: Technology staff will provide support for the basic setup and configuration instructions. Additional resources will be documented for users in this Knowledge Base article. If requests are submitted for advanced troubleshooting, users will be directed to contact their building STS or Instructional Technology Coordinator for support."

Set up the Outlook mobile app on your phone.

  1. Install the Microsoft Outlook app for  iPhone or Android .
  2. Open Outlook , and tap Get Started.
    (If you're prompted to add your district Google account, uncheck the box next to your account and click Skip .)
  3. Enter your full email address ( username, then tap Continue (or Next ).
    (If asked to choose Office365 or Exchange, tap Exchange ).
  4. Enter your email password, and tap Sign In .
  5. Click Skip through any additional screens until you see your Inbox.


Outlook FAQs can be found within the Microsoft Outlook app. Open the menu and go to Settings -> Help & Feedback -> FAQs. More resources can be found below.

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