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Outlook Email & Calendar Top Tips

As staff are settling into Outlook, Technology is learning new tips about how to best use these new tools. Here are some of the current top tips for using Outlook:

1. Managing Junk Mail: The District is now utilizing Microsoft's email filtering tools.  You can now mark messages as junk on your own! Detailed instructions on how to mark messages as junk or phishing can be found in KB Article 2.

2. Change Your Outlook Theme: A wide variety of themes are now available in Outlook.  If you are looking for higher contrast or a different color scheme, try changing your theme! For detailed instructions on how to change your theme, visit KB Article 754.

3. Explore Add-Ins: Want to schedule an email to send later?  Looking for a tool to help with scheduling meetings? Add-ins are tools built by third parties that may provide additional functionality or integrate other tools you use regularly.  Check out information about add-ins in KB Article 755

4. Use Outlook in Chrome For the best experience, use Outlook in Google Chrome.  There are issues that have been discovered in the current versions of Firefox and Safari including: inability to print emails from Firefox, challenges with copy/pasting email addresses into the "to" field in Safari, and issues with browser tabs constantly refreshing.  Turn off pop-up blockers:  Some Outlook features require pop-up windows in your browser.  Turn off pop up blockers via instructions in KB Article 515.

5. Email Groups/Contact Lists: Your personal email groups/contact lists from Zimbra should be in your Outlook contacts.  View KB Article 748 for detailed information on how to view and manage your Contact Lists.

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