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Shoretel and Outlook Desktop Settings Can Affect Phone Mode for Windows Users

The Outlook Desktop client is installed on staff windows computers. Staff may choose to configure and use the Outlook Desktop client, but it will not be supported by District staff. Only web based Outlook is supported by the district.

Staff who choose to use the Outlook Desktop client and also use Shoretel Communicator may find that their phone mode changes automatically when calendar events are posted in Outlook. To prevent this from happening, there is a setting that needs to be changed in Shoretel Communicator. 

To change the setting:

Open Shoretel Communicator.

Click on "Tools" in the the Shoretel Communicator menubar (if the Tools tab is not displayed,  right-click on the toolbar where the "Primary Phone", "Standard", etc.. tabs are located and then click on "Show Main Menu" from the pop up menu). Click on "Options" in the Tools tab drop down.

In the Options and Preferences window, click on "Outlook" in the left sidebar. 

In the Calendar section, if the checkbox for "Use Outlook appointments to change Call Handling Mode" is checked, uncheck it.

If that checkbox is checked, any appointment added to your Calendar in the Outlook Desktop client will cause your phone extension to go to a "busy" mode and calls will not ring through. 

If you decide to use the Outlook Desktop client rather than the website, it is recommended that you check this setting to make sure that your extension responds to calls as expected.  




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