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How do I request a device for a student with an IEP or 504 plan?

To request a District device be assigned to a student with an IEP or 504 plan, staff should follow the procedures below.  Any requests received in another manner cannot be processed and will cause a delay in obtaining a device for a student.

For a student with an IEP:

IEP Teams can request an Assistive Technology Consultation if they feel they would like input regarding Assistive Technology needs (Consult Request form is located in the AT Toolbox).  If  the team feels confident that they know what AT equipment is required, they can submit a request directly to the AT Team by completing the AT Request form (housed in the AT Toolbox).   As a result of the AT Consultation or completion of the AT Request Form, the AT Team will submit a request to the Technology Department if it is determined that a device needs to be assigned to a student. 


For a student with a 504 plan:

The building must have a 504 plan in place.  If the building 504 committee/team recommends a District assigned device as a necessary accommodation, the team should contact Damen Shuneman.  If approved, the device request will be routed to Technology by Damen.  

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