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How do I see what services or applications are connected to my Google account?

You can check your District Google account to see what has been set to authenticate against it. This is a good thing to check every year as more and more services offer this option and you may not remember all of the times you have approved it.


How to check what is authenticating to your Google account:

  1. Go to your Account information - Click on the round icon at the top-right of any Google window to show the options for your login. Click on the "Google Account" button to go to your account information.



  2. In the Account information window, click on "Security" in the left-hand list of options.   

  3. Scroll down the window to the section titled "Signing in to other sites" and click on "Signing in with Google".   

  4. Scroll down to the section titled "Signing in with Google". That contains the list of applications that are currently using your Google account to sign in.  

  5. Click on an Application to see details and to see a "Remove Access" button that allows you to remove that ability to log in with your account. If you are not using a service that is connected to your account, it is recommended that you remove access for that service or application.   




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