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Using Mitel Connect: How to send voicemail to email

Using the Mitel Connect App, it is possible to configure voicemail to be sent to your district email account as a .wav audio file. This allows you to listen to voicemail by clicking on the file in an email, and save voicemail as a file on a computer. Having voicemail sent to your district email account also allows you to listen to voicemail messages on a computer, cell phone, or other mobile device via email without needing access to a telephone. 

To configure Mitel Connect to send voicemail to email:

1. Open the Mitel Connect App. If Mitel Connect is not installed on an NSD computer, it is available in Self Service (how to use Self Service, KB #555) for Mac users and in Software Center for Windows users. Self Service and Software Center installations do not require admin authentication.

2. On the Mitel Connect dashboard, click on your user name.

3. On the second panel that opens, click on the gear icon.


4. In the sidebar, click on Notifications

5. Click on the Voicemail tab

6. Check the Send email notification about incoming voicemail to check box (your district email address will be displayed).

7. Check the Attach voicemail as wave file check box.

8. Check the Mark voicemail as heard check box if desired (this marks the voicemail as heard in your voicemail inbox). 

Voicemail messages will be sent to your district email account including the voicemail content as a .wav file.  



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