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How to add a printer in WIndows 10

To add a printer to a district windows computer:

Click on the windows icon in the lower left corner of the screen, and then select the gear icon from the pop up menu.

Select the Devices icon in the Settings window.


Select Printers & scanners in the sidebar, and then select Add a printer or scanner

Scroll down to the end of the listed printers and then select The printer that I want isn't listed .  

Select the radio button next to Select a shared printer by name . Type \\staffprint2016\ followed by the first few letters of your location to display a drop down list of printers filtered to your location. This example lists Bothell High School Printers. 

Select the name of the printer you want to add (the name of the printer is on a label readily visible on the printer).  Click Next . If drivers are needed for the selected printer, they will be automatically installed. 

A message will appear that the printer was successfully added. You can customize the Printer name to make it more meaningful to you if you'd like. Click Next .

In the next window, select the Set as the default printer checkbox if you'd like. Select Print a test page to send a sample print request to the printer.  Click on Finish .

 The printer will be listed in the Printers & scanners (settings) window. 




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