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Quick Start Guide: NSD Konica Minolta Bizhub 808 Multifunction Printers

Konica Minolta Bizhub 808 Mutifunction printers are being installed during the 19/20 school year. Staff will need to take a few steps to use the new equipment. 

Printing to a Konica Minolta Bizhub 808

How to add the Konica Minolta Bizhub 808 to your printer list:


Mac Users

  1. Open System Preferences and delete the Ricoh printer that was replaced with a Konica. Add the Konica printer in the Printer & Scanners preference pane. (See KB # 776 “How do I add the Konica Multifunction printer to a Mac?”). The drivers for the Konica are being automatically installed on staff Mac computers when they connect to the district network. If your assigned computer is missing the driver (the Konica model does not appear when adding the printer), the Konica Bizhub driver is available in Self Service. (See KB #555 “how do I use Self Service to install approved software on my district issued Mac?”)

Windows Users

  1. Add the Konica printer using the instructions in KB # 774 “How to add a printer in Windows 10”.   

Logging in

If the Konica is sleeping, touch the Start button to wake it up.

Log in with your district employee number:

  1. On the touch-screen, touch the ID field. An onscreen keyboard will pop up. Touch the "&123" key in the lower left corner to display a numeric keyboard. Enter your district employee number.
  2. Touch the Log in button. 

After logging in to the Konica, the touch-screen will display three options:

  1. Print Release (coming soon)
  2. Copy
  3. Scan

Using the Copy function

  1. After logging in, touch the Copy icon.
  2. Place the document to be copied on the glass or face up in the top tray.
  3. Select copy options and enter the number of copies desired. 
  4. Press the Start button.

Using the Scan function

    1. After logging in, touch the Scan icon.
    2. Options for scanning include (your login may not include all options):
      1. Scan to My Email : Scans will be sent as an email attachment to your district email address. 
      2. Scan to User Temp Folder : Scans will be saved to the "Temporary" folder in your district staff server folder. 
      3. Scan to Google : Scans will be saved to your Google Drive in the "Scans for PaperCut MF" folder. The first time you scan to Google Drive, you will receive an email requesting authorization for scans to be saved to your Google Drive account. Details can be found here, in the section for "Option 3: Scan a document to Google Drive". 
      4. Scan to (your) Department : Scans will be saved to the district server YourLocation --> Office --> Scans folder. 

       Detailed scanning instructions for each scanning option can be found here.


Logging Out

There are two options that may be used to log out of the Konica. Not all options will appear in all screens. 

If there IS an exit icon in the upper right corner of the touch-screen, touch the icon to log out of the Konica.

If there IS NOT an exit icon in the upper right corner of the touch-screen, press the Access button on the Konica to log out. 

Notes about the onscreen keyboards:

In most screens, touch any input field and the onscreen keyboard will appear. To hide or reveal the onscreen keyboard on any screen, touch the keyboard symbol in the lower right corner of the touch-screen. 

Touch the 123 icon on the onscreen keyboard on any screen to reveal the numeric keypad.






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