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How do I add the Konica Minolta multifunction printer to a Mac?

Starting August 2019, all District copiers are being upgraded to Konica Minolta BizHub copiers.

To add a Konica Minolta BizHub 808 printer to a Mac:

1. Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the menubar and then select System Preferences from the drop down menu.


2. Select the Printers & Scanners preference pane and then click on the "+" and click on Add Printer or Scanner


3. Select the IP tab and type the IP address of the printer in the Address field (your office manager received an email with the IP address for each Konica as it is installed at your location).

Select Line Printer Daemon - LPD from the Protocol: drop down menu.

Enter a printer name in the Name: field that will be meaningful to you.

 Click in the Use: field and choose Select Software



 4.  Type Konica in the search field and then select KONICA MINOLTA 808 PS. Click the OK button. 

5. In the next screen, click the Add button. Select the following options for the Konica:

Finisher: Select "FS-536 + SD-511"

Punch Unit: Select "PK-520 (2/3-Hole)"

Security Document Setting: Select "Release Secure Print"

Check the Allow Public User checkbox. 

Click the OK button. 

The Konica will be added to your available printers. 


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