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Self Service is frozen with spinning ball. It won’t open on my iPad.

Symptom: Self Service does not load or launch on my iPad.

  1. First, make sure your iPad is connected to NSDPrivate.
    1. Go to  Settings -> Wi-Fi
    2. Select  NSDPrivate

  2. Clear the Safari cache and cookies.
    1. Go to Settings -> Safari , and tap Clear History and Website Data .
    2. Go to Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Website Data, then tap Remove All Website Data .

  3. Try a "reset" (different from restarting)
    1. Hold down both the Home AND Sleep/Wake buttons until you see the Apple logo on black screen (about 10 seconds).
    2. When you see the Apple logo on the black screen, let go of both buttons.

After the iPad restarts, try launching Self Service again. If it still doesn't work, follow through the steps in this KB article . If Self Service still doesn't work after following the steps in KB 706 , then please open a  Web Help Desk work order ticket and include the iPad's district barcode number.

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