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i-Ready on iPads - Best Practices

Here are some “best practices” that students should follow when using  i-Ready on iPads  that should help minimize sound and freezing issues. 
i-Ready on iPads - Best Practices
  • Headphones with built in microphones may cause sound issues with the  i-Ready  app. If possible, don’t use headphones with microphones. If that is all you have, tell students not to touch the buttons on the headphone cable. Clicking the button(s) appear to cause sound issues.
  • Unplugging the headphones when using  i-Ready  may cause the sound to stop working (even if you plug the headphones back in). Watch students closely to make sure they don’t play with the headphone cable/jack or accidentally unplug the headphones during testing. Once headphones lose sound/headphone connectivity, you will need to exit and re-launch the  i-Ready  app for sound to work again.
  • Hitting the Home button when using  i-Ready  will cause sound and freezing issues (this issue will be fixed in mid-December). The app must be force quit and re-launched for it to work again.
  • If the iPad screen goes to sleep, students will need to exit the app and log back in again (this *might* be fixed in mid-December). You can extend the iPad sleep settings by going to  Settings -> Display & Brightness  and change the Auto-Lock time to 5 or 10 minutes (unfortunately I am not able to remotely push this setting out to iPads… it must be done manually).
  • Check the Mute button on the side of the iPad to ensure it isn’t enabled.
Freezing Issues
  • Clicking objects repeatedly may cause freezing or sound issues. Some students will know the answer to a question before the app finishes saying the question and they will click on the answer repeatedly in quick succession to answer the question immediately. This appears to cause the app to have freezing/unresponsive issues. Ask students to wait until the question has been read completely, and then make their selection.
  • The  i-Ready  support folks recommended we update our iPads to iPadOS 14.x. Please update the iPads by going to  Settings -> General -> Software Update .
We also noticed that some of the iPad screens/screen protectors were very dirty. They said that dirty screens may cause touch issues that may appear to be an unresponsive app. Please make sure the screens are clean!
Some of the issues above will be resolved with future app updates. But until then, the items above should help minimize issues and make for a more successful  i-Ready  experience.
i-Ready Support 
If you continue to have issues with i-Ready, please contact iReady customer support for next steps.
i-Ready Technical Support 
Mon–Fri 7:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m. ET
Phone: 800-225-0248
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