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Best Practice for Cleaning District Technology

Procedures for Disinfecting District Technology

The following information provides guidance on how to clean high-touch technology equipment including computers, computer accessories, touchscreen devices, printers and copiers.  All technology equipment in shared and public locations should be frequently cleaned and disinfected.  When cleaning technology, it is important to follow the specific cleaning guidelines below.  


  1. Shut down the device and unplug all external power sources and cables.
  2. Use 70-75% alcohol wipes to gently and carefully wipe the entire surface of the device.  This includes the display/screen, keyboard, trackpad/mouse, and exterior surface of the item. 
  3. Ensure surfaces have completely air-dried before powering on the device or closing and storing it.


DO NOT use aerosol sprays, bleach, peroxide-based, ammonia-based, or abrasive cleaners.  Avoid excessive wiping or submerging the item in cleanser to avoid damage. Never spray cleaners/liquids directly onto computer keyboards or screens.


The NSD Technology Department will be providing School Technology Specialists with 75% alcohol wipes for use on high-touch technology equipment on campuses.



CDC: Cleaning & Disinfecting Schools

Apple: How to Clean your Apple Products

HP PC and Print Devices Cleaning Guidance




For basic cleaning of technology equipment including computers and mobile devices (Laptops, Desktops, Chromebook, iPad, etc..) interactive whiteboards, TV’s and document cameras:

For basic cleaning, your STS has Windex Multisurface Vinegar cleaner and micro-fiber cloths, provided by the Technology Department. Additional cleaner and microfiber cloths will be supplied to STS’s from Technology upon request.  Other chemical based cleaners, such as ammonia based “regular” windex, can damage the coating on surfaces. Spray the cleaner on the cloth, and use the lightly dampened cloth to clean the surface.  Do not spray the cleaner directly on to computer keyboards or screens.


Staff should NOT use any other disinfectants or sanitizers on technology equipment unless directed to do so by Technology Staff or District Administration. 

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