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Using MiTel Connect on your computer or cell phone for remote calls

The District phone system now has a feature to enable many staff to make calls from their computer or mobile device through their District phone number so the recipients see only the District phone number. For computers, the Connect software is available for Windows and Macintosh but not for Chromebooks or other ChromeOS devices. For mobile devices, the Connect app is available for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android. Using Connect on a computer is very different from using it on a mobile device, though, so please check the links below for the correct  instructions for your device.

Not all staff can be set up with this service so we are prioritizing staff based on their role and the interaction it requires with families and/or the public. The process of setting up a phone for this service is also time-consuming and has to be done one account at a time, so we are working through them as quickly as we can but have not yet been able to complete everyone. September 9, 2020 update

Please use the links below to install the Connect app on your device, to configure it, and to use the app to make calls and manage your phone and voicemail:

Instructions for Installing and Configuring Connect for iOS/Android Devices

Instructions for Installing and Configuring Connect for Windows/Macintosh Computers

Helpful Videos for using Connect

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