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How do I check my district email from home or when I am away from the Northshore School District?

With the district’s switch to Outlook, our email system is now Web-based. To access your email, you’ll need an internet connection, and you can do it from any computer.

Go to and enter your email username and password.

It’s best to simply access your mail using a browser such as Safari, Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox rather than using a mail application on your computer such as Apple Mail or Outlook.

It is possible to set up your home computer to access your school email through a mail application such as Apple Mail or Outlook, however, the helpdesk is not staffed to provide support for personal devices, and using a browser will be easier.

Also, using Webmail (accessing your mail online) is preferable because it does not use as much of your network connection (the emails stay on servers), it doesn't leave files behind on your computer (saves disk space), and the connection is encrypted (protects the contents of emails when connecting over the public Internet).

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