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I have a software program that I want to install, but it’s asking me for an administrator password.

All additional software installs other than district standard software must be reviewed by your instructional technology coordinator. Fill out the online Non-Standard Software Installation Request form and your instructional technology coordinator will review your request.

After the form has been submitted:

  1. We will first need to make sure that the software doesn't conflict with the district standard operating system and/or programs. We will also need to track and collect licensing information for your program.
  2. If there are no software or operating system conflicts and you have a legal license for your software program, once your Software Installation Request Form has been approved we'll open up a work order ticket to have the program installed for you.
  3. Note: Support for non-standard software is limited to installing and uninstalling. No further troubleshooting will be done if issues arise. All support, functionality and troubleshooting questions should be directed to the manufacturer, publisher or vendor of the software.
  4. If your software doesn't work on your district computer, please check with your instructional technology coordinator for ideas of other software similar to yours that is compatible with the Northshore School District standard staff image.

Why the Technology Department needs to collect personal software CDs and licensing information if installed on NSD equipment.

The Technology Department needs to store this information in case the school district ever gets audited for software programs installed on district computers. A program with one license means that legally we are only allowed to install the program on one computer. Installing multiple copies of a single-license program is considered software piracy and is illegal.

If your staff computer ever has a problem and needs to be re-imaged or swapped out, we will have your software here and will be able to load the standard district software as well as your extra software onto a new computer before sending the replacement out to you. Personally owned software CDs and licensing information will be returned to you when it is no longer installed on a district computer.

Northshore School District Board Policies and Procedures

Board Policy number 2022, Electronic Information System (Networks), is available on the Northshore Schools Electronic School Board website. Policy 2022 describes the District goals for and appropriate use of technology within the District. On the Electronic School Board home page, select the Policies & Regs link below the calendar in the right sidebar. Select 2000-2000 Series - Instruction from the drop down menu above the Policies & Regs list. Select Policy 2022 to view the policy. 

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