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I have a software program that I want to install, but it’s asking me for an administrator password.

Your input and questions have shaped a new set of FAQs for you to use as you search for great instructional resources, facilitate purchases, and (most importantly) think about how student data is used by the web-based services you make use of in your schools.
Please visit our refreshed Digital Resource Review page in the Staff Toolbox to read about the procedures and make use of FAQs we’ve published as a result of the large number of questions you’ve sent in.
If you find you have a question that wasn’t answered by visiting the FAQs, please reach out to your Instructional Technology Coordinator. 

Northshore School District Board Policies and Procedures

Board Policy number 2022, Electronic Information System (Networks), is available on the Northshore Schools Electronic School Board website. Policy 2022 describes the District goals for and appropriate use of technology within the District. On the Electronic School Board home page, select the Policies & Regs link below the calendar in the right sidebar. Select 2000-2000 Series - Instruction from the drop down menu above the Policies & Regs list. Select Policy 2022 to view the policy. 

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