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How do I add the District Events and Religious Holiday calendars to my calendar in Outlook?
Added on Wed, Jan 23, 2019
The District-Wide Event Calendar and Religious Holidays Calendar are not automatically added to your calendar in Outlook.  To manually add these calendars in Outlook, follow the steps below:   1. Open the website and log in... Read More
How do I set up my NSD email on my iPhone or Android phone?
Added on Thu, Aug 30, 2018
While the Outlook webpage can be reached from any device with a web browser, there are many apps available on mobile devices that can allow users to view and manage their email. For District-Owned Devices iOS Your district-owned device will connect... Read More
How do I share a mail folder or calendar in Outlook?
Added on Sun, Apr 3, 2011
Share a Mail Folder Navigate to the left-hand folder pane of the email window and secondary click on the folder that you would like to share. Click on Permissions. Click the + symbol and add the names of the users with whom you would like to share... Read More
How do I make a new calendar in Outlook?
Added on Sun, Apr 3, 2011
Outlook allows each user to have multiple calendars. Users can have calendars for their class, for projects, and/or personal calendars, etc.. New calendars are made by using the Outlook web client: Log into Outlook at ... Read More
How can I see shared Outlook calendars on my iPhone or iPad?
Added on Tue, Feb 11, 2014
This article discusses the viewing of shared calendars on your mobile device. For instructions on how to connect your Outlook account to email and calendar client apps on your mobile devices, please read Article 728. All information below presupposes... Read More
How do I make a calendar public?
Added on Mon, Sep 26, 2011
Calendar publishing is managed in a unique section of the calendar settings menu. Within the Calendar settings menu, choose the Calendar Publishing plug. Select the calendar you want to share, identify the permissions level, and click “save”.... Read More
How do I remove a calendar that was shared with me?
Added on Wed, Sep 14, 2011
Outlook recognizes secondary clicks and options within a secondary menu. Hover over the shared calendar that you would like to remove and secondary click on it (two-finger click on a trackpad, hold down the control button while clicking, or right... Read More
Why isn’t my email auto-reply working?
Added on Sat, Aug 27, 2011
In Outlook Mail, you can set an auto-reply or "vacation message" on your account. This will automatically send a message back to anyone who emails you to let them know that you are on vacation, out of the office, or otherwise unable to respond. If... Read More
How do I make an appointment without others seeing what it is?
Added on Wed, Aug 24, 2011
Although Outlook includes a checkbox in its event-creator window called “Private”, according to Microsoft’s support documentation, this feature does not work as one would expect. When using Outlook webmail, other users who can view your... Read More