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How do I set up my NSD email on my iPhone or Android phone?
Added on Thu, Aug 30, 2018
While the Outlook webpage can be reached from any device with a web browser, there are many apps available on mobile devices that can allow users to view and manage their email. For District-Owned Devices iOS Your district-owned device will connect... Read More
Can I Import a File to Create A Contact List In Outlook Web Access?
Added on Thu, Jan 10, 2019
It is possible to import lists of email addresses into Outlook to create Contact Lists. The service from which you are pulling your email addresses may have unique steps you must follow to export a list. Check the help materials of that service for... Read More
How do I view and manage email groups (Contact Lists) in Outlook?
Added on Fri, Jan 4, 2019
Email groups/contact lists that you create for your district Outlook account are stored in the Contacts section of Outlook.   For basic information on how to create, view, and edit contacts and contact lists in Outlook, view this support article... Read More
How do I send a message to an email group (contact list)?
Added on Fri, Jan 4, 2019
To send an email to a Contact List, start by opening a new email message.  Start typing the exact name of the contact list into the "To" field.  Your list should pop up in a drop down menu as you start typing.  Select the list, complete your... Read More
I manage a mailing list for our campus, and I forgot the password to login as the list moderator
Added on Thu, Jan 5, 2012
If you manage a list for your campus for distributing items such as school newsletters to parent or other groups and have forgotten your password, there's a webpage where you can request your password be sent to you. Open a browser and enter the... Read More
How can I view a list of who is in a g. group (distribution list)?
Added on Wed, Oct 12, 2011
In Outlook, viewing the members of a distribution list takes place in the Directory portion of the People window. It is not possible to expand a list in an email window to see its members. The Directory window is access in the following manner. Open... Read More
How do I import a .csv file into Contacts?
Added on Mon, Jul 6, 2009
Start by creating a .csv file to import. You might get one from Synergy, or possibly by exporting contacts from another mail application that you’re using. If you want to get email addresses from Synergy and turn them into contacts in Outlook,... Read More
I’m leaving the district. How do I export email addresses from my address book/contacts list in Outlook to import to a non-district computer?
Added on Tue, Jul 1, 2014
You can easily export your contacts from Outlook in a .csv file. Open the People application within Outlook by clicking on the icon Now click on Manage in the top menu bar and select Export contacts from the drop-down menu. To have all of... Read More