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Zoom Virtual Background Recommendations
Added on Fri, Jan 8, 2021
Accessing Office 365 Apps (Web Version)
Added on Mon, Mar 16, 2020
Macintosh OS: Out of Disk Space Message
Added on Thu, Apr 30, 2020
Drives must have some open storage space to use for temporary files during normal operation. It is recommended to have at least 20% of a drive available for temporary files. For a 125G drive, this translates to 25G of available storage.  When ... Read More
How do I check my Home Folder size and clear up space on my computer?
Added on Mon, Apr 4, 2016
NOTE: The average NSD Home Folder size is under 65GB on a district issued Apple computer.  You can check the size of your Home Folder by opening Self Service (in the Applications folder) and running the Home Folder Size policy. Instructions for... Read More
Troubleshooting: Mac Camera and Audio
Added on Tue, Mar 17, 2020
How do I add or delete a printer on my Mac?
Added on Wed, Mar 16, 2011
Adding Printers to a district Mac Adding Special Printers How to add the Konica-Minolta printer to a Mac How to add the Graphics Center printer From an Application From any open application, choose File -> Print as if you were going to print... Read More
My scroll bars have disappeared or only show occasionally. How do I get them to display all the time?
Added on Fri, Dec 28, 2012
Mac OS X defaults to displaying scroll bars only when needed based on track pad or mouse activity. If you prefer that scroll bars are always displayed, select System Preferences under the gray apple.  Select the General Preference Pane.     ... Read More
How do I open iTunes , Movies, or Pictures libraries from my external drive?
Added on Thu, Nov 29, 2018
Once you've transferred a copy of your iTunes, Movies, or Picture libraries onto an external hard drive, you will need to set a new path for the iTunes, Movies, or Pictures app by redirecting it to search the external hard drive for content,... Read More
How do I remove the Microsoft Office Update reminder notice?
Added on Tue, May 15, 2018
When you finish updating to Office 2016 you may start seeing a reminder notice asking you to install the newest updates. This is due to Microsoft Office 2016 being set to automatically update. You can change this with a few simple steps.  Step... Read More
How do I remove Adware / Malware from my Mac?
Added on Wed, Mar 29, 2017
What is adware? Adware is software that automatically displays or downloads advertising material (often unwanted) when a user is online. It usually is installed during installation process or after installing, on the screen or on the browser by... Read More
After I enter my username and password at the login screen, the message appears "The system was unable to unlock your login keychain".
Added on Thu, Dec 14, 2017
Keychains in Mac OS X are Apple's password management system. They are stored locally on the computer for each user that has logged in, and are specific to that user. Especially after an online password change or computer swap, a keychain entry... Read More
How can I find the IP address of my Mac or Windows computer?
Added on Tue, Jun 30, 2009
MAC OS X Staff & Student Computers running OS 10.9: IP addresses are viewable while logged into the computer. While logged into the computer, click on the Apple in the upper left corner of your screen and select System Preferences. Click on the... Read More
I need a longer / shorter cable for my computer, projector, document camera, or ActivBoard.
Added on Wed, Sep 2, 2009
If staff members need longer/shorter cables to connect their document camera, computer, or activboards you'll first want to make that request via Web Help Desk. If our hardware technician Aleks has the cables, he'll send them to you. If not... Read More