How do you merge cell contents in Excel?

As an example, let's say that your spreadsheet has student first names in column A and student last names in column B on a class list spreadsheet. You want to have the full name display in column C as first name, space, last name.

Use Insert -> Function from the Excel Menu Bar or choose the Formula Builder in the Excel Toolbox, then select the Concatenate Function by double clicking on it (scroll down the list of functions or type Concatenate in the search field to locate it more quickly).


A new section will open at the bottom of the window with fields labeled text1, text2, etc..

Position the cursor in the text1 field, then navigate to the first cell of those that you want to join together and select it. The cell address (in this case A1) will appear in the text1 field.


Click in the text2 field. To create a space between the student's first and last names, I entered " " in the text2 field. The double quote lets Excel know that text is bring entered and should be displayed exactly as typed.

Click the + symbol at the bottom of the Formula Builder window to add a third field to the string. Click on the second cell that you want to be part of the string. In this case, the cell is the student Last Name in cell B2.

The Formula Building window will reflect each addition in the bottom right corner. Notice that my example shows Result: "Anne Smith".



The student's full name now appears in column C of the example.



Additional cell addresses or text strings (enclosed in double quotes) can be added using the + symbol until you have the result you want. If you want to remove one of the fields, click the - symbol to remove the field.

To duplicate the formula for the other students, select the cell with the newly entered formula results (in this case, cell C2). In the lower right corner of the selected cell, there's a tiny blue box.


Position your cursor over the blue box and drag down to select the other cells in the column that you want to copy the formula to.


The formula will be applied to the additional cells, and in this example, all the student's full names are displayed in column C.

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