How do I connect to eLink to check a bus route?

Note: eLink does not work properly with the FireFox web browser. Please use Safari (if using a Mac) or Firefox (if using Windows) to connect to eLink. If you have an eLink shortcut icon on your desktop, click on it and you will connect directly to the correct website.

Open Safari from your dock or Applications folder if using a Mac, or Firefox if using Windows.
Type in the address bar.

Note: If you get prompted to enter a password, go to in browser.

The VersaTrans eLink search screen will be displayed.

Select the student's grade in the pull down menu, and enter their address in the search fields.

The results will be displayed along with a map of the bus route.

To view more detailed results, click the View Detailed Results button at the bottom of the window.

A more detailed listing will be displayed.

Click on the View Simple Results button to return to the previous screen.

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