I need a longer / shorter cable for my computer, projector, document camera, or ActivBoard.

If staff members need longer/shorter cables to connect their document camera, computer, or activboards you'll first want to make that request via Web Help Desk. If our hardware technician Aleks has the cables, he'll send them to you. If not, he will indicate that in the ticket.

If he does not have the cables needed, you will need to submit a Web Help Desk work order ticket. We need the number, type and length of cable needed along with the budget code you'd like them charged to. Here is a listing of the most common types of cables requested:

Networking cable requests should be submitted via Web Help Desk. Please note, you'll need to return any shorter network cable you may be replacing to Irina Tarasova in Technology.

Also, once all of your cable needs are met, please send any surplus/extra cables to Aleks Lapchenko at Support Services. This will help all of us save precious dollars that can be used to support classrooms in other ways.

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