Criteria for Acceptance of Technology Donations

While the Northshore School District is very grateful for offers of technology donations that are received, we adhere to a set of minimum standards for all technology donations. These standards insure that the students in the district have access to newer computers to enhance their education; and facilitates the district's ability to service and maintain the computer systems throughout the district. We are also fortunate to have a community that supports our technology levies and allows us to maintain a reasonable level of consistency and performance in the district's technology.

Donations of computers, peripheral devices, and audio-visual equipment must meet the criteria set forth in Northshore School District's Board Policy 7260 and Administrative Procedure 7260P; as well as the minimum district standards noted below.

Consult with the district Technology Department prior to purchasing or accepting any technology-related items.

Another option for contributions to support the students and teachers of the Northshore School District is the Northshore Schools Foundation.


Northshore currently uses computers with both the Macintosh OS X operating system and Windows 7. To maintain serviceability for these computers it is important to reduce the variety of systems in the District. Toward that end, all donations must meet the following requirements:


Microsoft Windows
Older systems must be able to use an existing software system image that is supported. Images currently supported include:



New Systems



Peripheral and Audio Visual Equipment

All software donated, either with computers or separately, needs to include valid license documentation. This documentation should be forwarded to the Technology Department so it can be included in the software licensing tracking system.

Any equipment for donation not covered above will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

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