What do I do if email to me is getting blocked or rejected?


How To Report Blocked Email
If work related email messages are being blocked, please fill out our Blocked Email Form (http://nsd.org/blockedemailform). We will need to know the address that the message from which the email was sent and an approximate time and date when it would have been sent. It is most helpful if you have a copy of a rejection message and can paste it into the form. That message will show which mail server rejected the message (sometimes rejected messages are caused by the sender and not NSD). If it was our mail filter, the message will also refer to an Incident ID that will allow us to specifically find the message and see why the filter blocked it.

For more information on why email might get blocked, read KB Article 658.

NOTE: There are several major spam engines that are breaking into users’ personal email accounts and using those to send spam. When that happens, the account is often blacklisted as a result, causing the district to reject all email from that account. To fix that, first change the password on the compromised email account, then fill out the Blocked Email Form (above) to let us know that you have fixed the problem on your end. This is the most common cause of parent emails being rejected by our mail server.

Personal or Non-Work Related Email Messages
If personal or non-work related email being sent to your district account is getting blocked, we cannot help you. Washington State Code does not allow the district to spend resources (time, money, or equipment) on personal messaging. Personal email includes:

The district mail filter is constantly being adjusted to respond to the ever increasing load of spam and junk email which currently represents more than 75% of all email coming into the district. Some of those adjustments may cause it to reject personal emails as well. If you want to be sure that personal messages will not be blocked, the best solution is to have them sent to your personal email account. If you have high-speed Internet access at home, you probably already have one or more personal email accounts. You can also get free email accounts at services like Hotmail, or Gmail. The district does not block access to outside email services, so you are able to access personal messages at work.

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