May I borrow district AV equipment (projectors, document cameras, cameras, etc.) for personal events off-campus?

District resources purchased for instructional use may not be used for personal purpose unless that use is in conjunction with the rental of a school facility.  Board Procedure 8361P states:




No. 8361P


Use of District-Owned Equipment and Instructional Materials


District-owned property, machinery and equipment, including instructional materials, may be used for non-district purposes under the following conditions:


A.In conjunction with the rental of a district facility with prior approval of the appropriate department administrator or building principal.


B.In accordance with interlocal agreements and other such joint venture arrangements.


Normal wear and tear associated with the use of district property, machinery and equipment shall be borne by the district; loss or abnormal wear or damage shall be borne by the user.


Issued: December 5, 2005


Teachers and other district employees should contact a local vendor of AV rental equipment for personal events.


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