How do I share a mail folder or calendar in Outlook?

Share a Mail Folder

Navigate to the left-hand folder pane of the email window and secondary click on the folder that you would like to share.

Click on Permissions.

Click the + symbol and add the names of the users with whom you would like to share your folder.

Once you have created a share, you can now use the permissions options to stipulate what type of permissions you would like the user to have.


Share a Calendar

You can share a calendar that you’ve created in Outlook with individuals or groups of people, you can choose the level of access that they will have, and you can change or remove access at any time if you change your mind. (Note: you can share your calendar with people outside of Northshore, but you can only give editing access to those within Northshore.)

Secondary click on the calendar that you would like to share.



Now select “sharing and permissions.”




Enter an address or mailing list for the person or persons with whom you’d like to share your calendar. In the next step, you’ll get to set their permissions.


The permissions will default to “Can view all details,” but you can use the drop-down menu to switch to other options before clicking on “Share.” If you change your mind at anytime, you can re-enter the sharing and permissions settings and select new settings, or remove permissions by clicking on the trash can icon. Your changes will be saved as soon as you make them.


Upon clicking "Share", the user with whom you are sharing your calendar will receive an email. They will need to click the "accept" button in the email to confirm the share and have it viewable in their list of shared calendars.


A note about calendar sharing via the directory: While it is possible to add shared calendars from the directory, this will only provide access to the shared calendar at its public level. By default, this would just seeing if a user is free or busy. In order to receive full calendar sharing features, be sure to directly share you calendar via the above steps and accept calendar shares via email.

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