Useful tips and tricks with Webfile and the Gladinet file client

Webfile and Gladinet are two methods for accessing the file server from outside the District network or from a personal computing device.
Webfile is a secure web-based interface to the district file server that can be used from any computing device connected to the Internet. More information is available in KB article 64.
Gladinet is a native client for the file server, with versions that work on Macintosh, Windows, iOS, and Android computing devices. Installation and configuration instructions are available in KB article 617.

The following tips and tricks will help you get the most out of the Webfile and Gladinet file server clients.

Webfile: The left-hand column listing

After you log in to Webfile, it shows you a window with three columns. The left-hand column shows every location on the file server where you have access. This is a bit different from Cloud or desktop file server access because it shows your staff directory folders (Desktop, Documents, etc.) mixed in with sharepoints (School office, yearbook, etc.). Also, remember that you cannot make any new folders at that top level. New folders need to go inside one of those locations.

Webfile: Copying files and folders

Webfile: Sharing files and folders



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